Our Brand

Irreverent, Independent, Intelligent

The brand is delivered from the words "Irish" and "American" which have been trademarked to one word "IrishAmerican"

The ship on the logo is inspired by the "Jeannie Johnson" a 19th Century famine ship. The ship is always facing west-bound for America. The Jeannie Johnson made 16 migrant journeys from Ireland to North America between 1847 and 1855, carrying over 2500 with no loss of life.

Like those that travelled westward in the 19th Century and the IrishAmericans of today our brand is optimistic, authentic and embodies the same pioneering spirit of life & freedom.

I am forged of Gaelic Steel.
I possess a legacy of hardship, which reinforces my mettle.
I see no barriers, merely obstacles surmountable.
I look the part.
I grace the cover.
I entertain the nation.
I am a wordsmith, a tunesmith, I trade in wit.
I imagine, I create.
I hold court in the boardroom.
I lead and command.
I am the best of two worlds, a personification of modern America, of the modern world.
I believe in myself, my family, my community, my country.
I believe.
I cherish the past, I am fully immersed in the present, I am defining the future.
I am an Irish American.
I Am.

US Ambassador Edward F. Crawford

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